About Us

J.F. Shields High School is located in Beatrice, Alabama. We serve grades K4-12. With approximately 270 students, J.F. Shields is a 1-A provider of public education. 

School Notable Achievements

  • Dual enrollment with Costal Community College
  • Partnership with PACERS.
  • Student participation in Southern Pine Leadership Programs.
  • Student participation in Upward Bound and Trio Programs.
  • Technology upgrades in elementary and high school computer labs.
  •  iPads and Chromebook Carts for grades K-12.
  • One to one Chromebooks for Grades 1-12
  • Chromebooks for Online Testing.
  • Eleven Interactive Touch Panels for Grades K4-2, 4-5, English, Science, Math and both computer labs.
  • Track Team implemented for both Boys & Girls.
  • $875,000 in Scholarships for 2015 Senior Class.
  •  A 2015 student scored 30 on the ACT.
  • Won our first football game after not having a program for 3 years.
  • Active Parent-Teacher Association Received a grant for ARTS Education.
  • JFS has a Hydroponics Lab and produces vegetables to feed families in the community.