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ALL Kids is affordable, high quality, comprehensive health coverage for eligible children under age 19. We are currently working to locate uninsured children in Alabama and need your help in providing ALL Kids information to parents and educators you have contact with. Detailed information about the ALL Kids program is on the website:

ALL Kids also provides a quarterly Facebook post for schools to share on their websites. ALL Kids would greatly appreciate you sharing our post on your school’s website to help uninsured children obtain coverage:

Please contact me if you have any questions about ALL Kids.

Thank you.

J.F. Shields High School Roars with Panthers Pride

Superhero students and families at J. F. Shields High School


What: Donating canned food and non-perishable items for families in need during the Holiday season

When: Nov. 1st -December 9th


Where: Turn in canned or non-perishable goods to your child’s teacher at J.F. Shields High School

Why: To aid families in our community during this time of year through yummy food and support from our Shield’s family will donate to the Monroeville Food Pantry .