Cassandra Allen


Here we are actively involved in the training of skills for real-world applications.  Our students are developing an understanding of the design and use of technology, multimedia, business applications, higher education, career planning, and financial management. 

We are here to assist in refining the skills of good communication, cooperation, a strong work ethic, time management, and a Positive Attitude. 


Student Grades

Click Here for Home Access to Grades in INow.

All grades are updated in STI Home (INow) weekly.  
STI Home contains grades that will be reported on a report card.  For STI Home access you will need to contact the Counselor for an individual access code. 

Parent Contact

Remind is used to communicate with students and parents about assignments, grades, upcoming events and special projects.

To request a converse please contact the office and schedule an appointment during my planning period or after school.

Google Classroom

Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect—inside and outside of schools. All students will have a Monroe County Student Email Account.  All students must use this account in order to have computer access and to submit assignments in my classes. 

Social Media

The Business Education Program at J.F. Shields has several social media accounts.  These accounts are used by students for use in classroom assignments and within our Career Technical Student Organizations.  Any posts outside the guidelines set in class will result in disciplinary actions.