Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations (Behavior Guidelines/ Rules) The three R’s

  • Be Ready
    • Be seated in your assigned seat and be prepared to learn before the bell rings
    • Bring necessary supplies every day.
  • Be Responsible
    • Begin working on your bell ringer at your seat, without talking when the bell rings.
    • Stay seated – Do not leave your seat without permission from the teacher.
    • Be familiar with the school policies & procedures as indicated in the Greene County Board of Education student handbook. (School rules will be enforced in this class.)
    • Do your own work and take pride in what you do.
  • Be Respectful
    • Stay quiet – do not talk without permission from the teacher
    • Treat everyone and all property, as you would want to be treated.

 Rewards for making the right choices

  • Praise (Daily)
  • Positive Notes and phone calls home (Random)
  • Individual tangible rewards (such as day late coupons and skip an assignment coupons) (Random)
  • Whole class rewards (Random)
  • The joy of learning and succeeding (each day of the school year)

 Consequences for making wrong choices

  • 1st offense – warning
  • 2nd offense – note home
  • 3rd offense – call to parent
  • 4th offense – referral/counselor
  • 5th offense – referral/office

These consequences may not always occur in this order. The severity & frequency of the misbehavior will determine the penalty.