Welcome to J. F. Shields

The J. F. Shield’s faculty and staff are fully committed to engaging its students in quality educational opportunities, encouraging academic excellence, in a safe and orderly environment, resulting in successful lifelong learners, workers, and citizens to be able to succeed in our changing society.   

J.F. Shields High School is located in Beatrice, Alabama (Monroe County). We serve grades K4-12 with approximately 270 students.   We are a 1-A provider of public education.   Currently our academic program is structured on a nine weeks grading period; over four quarters.  Students in Grades K4-4 are in a Self-Contained class setting, whereas Grades 5 and 6 are Departmentalized receiving Math and Science instruction; Language Arts and Reading Instruction. Students in Grades 7-12 are on seven classes per period day, each nine weeks. A minimum of 21 credits is required for graduating Seniors.

Our school takes a family approach to learning. By applying this model, our school strives to promote academic excellence. This can be seen in our classrooms, in our sports teams, and with our various school clubs. 

It's great to be a J. F. Shields Panther!

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